The FORMER World-Record-Speedbike!

1-Hour-World-Record by Francesco Russo – 02.08.2011: 91.556km

Francesco Russo – Co-Design, Builder, Pilot

  • Damjan Zabovnik– Design, Engineering, Builder
  • Stefan Grünig – Co-Builder, Assistant

Project 2010 – Rollout 2011 – Raced 2011 / 2012

To attack the existing Hour Record of 90.598km, set by Sam Whittingham in the Varna Tempest in 2009, we joint to the Team Eivie. Read here how we built Eiviestretto, how I learnd to ride backwards, Damjans impressions and more.


World Record Team: Jemima Russo, Damjan Zabovnik, Francesco Russo, Stefan Grünig

Why is Eiviestretto so fast and how much better is it than a ordinary racebike? We tested both bikes in the RUAG Windtunnel Emmen. TV-Report and facts here.


Eiviestretto Streamliner at full speed


Strong alliance – Damjan and Francesco after the Recordrun 2011


Graph of the Recordrun – blue: Velocity / red: Heart rate

On 2nd of August 2011 we set a new World Record of 91.556km, beating the existing mark by nearly one kilometer. Here a full report of the Record-Weekend at Dekra.


Intensive collaboration, honored by the World Record

After the recordrun in 2011 I knew that we can still go faster! We improved the bike and I concentrated more on training. What happend in 2012? Why didn’t we set a new mark?


First steps with Eiviestretto


Doing fast Testlaps at Dekra, Spring 2011


Damjan, proud of Eiviestretto’s drivetrain