The CURRENT World-Record-Speedbike!

1-Hour-World-Record by Francesco Russo – 26.06.2016: 92.432km

Francesco Russo – Design, Engineering, Builder, Pilot

  • Simon Zumbrunnen – Wheels, Transmission
  • Walter Berger – Support Steering and Transmission
  • Stefan Grünig – Support Bike-Design, Co-Builder, Assistant
  • Teppo Mäkelä – Tyre Developing, Crr-Analysis
  • Robert Vogel – Support Shape-Modelling CAD
  • Martin Kurz – Co-Builder

Project 2013 – Rollout 2014 – Raced 2014 ->

Metastretto is the result of all the knowledge and the experience building and piloting Speedbikes since 1998 and the fact of setting the World Record with Eiviestretto in 2011. Metastretto is backwards-driven, has a Carbon-monocoque and is apparently 6-7km/h faster than the former Recordbike Eiviestretto! It looks like the Speed-improvement between Metastretto and Eiviestretto is nearly as high as between Ristretto and Eiviestretto – what an achievement!

Metastretto is the most efficient bicycle in the world

This is the most efficient bicycle in the world, not only based on calculations and simulations. I rode it to the 1-hour World Record, proving that the bike has the needed characteristics to be accelerated fast and pushed for one hour at high power output. The shape allows an extended laminar airflow, the rolling resistance is low, the drivetrain is very efficient, the rider-position ergonomic, the ventilation works and the bike is stable, managing crosswinds and speeds above 100km/h (real flat course). In perfect shape I should push the bike with the actual configuration to 94-95km for one hour.

Nevertheless we are still discussing several details who could improve the efficiency of our last creation.


Backwards driven Metastretto – Carbon monocoque

In perfect shape I should push the bike to 94-95km for one hour.


June 26th 2016 – Never before a human travelled further in one hour by his own power

What happend on the Record-Weekend in the End of June 2016? Read my report and why I did not yet reach 95km!

Why failed we again to reach 95km in 2018? Read my report here.


Foto: Zak van Biljon – Bike Lovers Contest 2015


First Runs at Dekra, assisted by Stefan and Martin


Very first meters – Panzerpiste Thun


Stefan, demonstrating the rider-position – bit cramped


Polishing Metastretto – but it rains strong…


ONE – Pilot and machine, perfectly united