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Rainy day - Training bike just in time

It is summer in Argentina and here in Urdinarrain a hot one. Mostly the sun shines and shines and shines: Wonderful! I discovered a lot of nice "caminos de tierra" and it is funny riding here. But, how to train recumbent? I need a new hometrainer!

So cool I have a new friend! Jairo is the crazy guy who helped me ordering parts for it in a country were it is not so easy to obtain them and he also welded and painted this beauty. The triplet cycle behind shows that he is also interested in special bike constuctions. It appears I find funny, exotic guys all over the world...just to feel like at home.

Yesterday we finished the new trainingbike and just today came a thunderstorm - let's train recument in the living room...yeah!


Cambio total – hasta 30psi, nunca mas!

We changed a lot in our life: We moved to Argentina! Here around live many german descendents who still speak the language of their grandfathers. We try to get in contact with them, bringing the nice hope based on the Bible. We are here as volunteers and quit with our jobs, our flat in Switzerland and said bye-bye to families and friends.

Of course I have to change my habits, also concerning riding and training. But all in all, if you don't inflate more than 30psi, it runs smooth on the "caminos de tierra and rutas" in the flat countryside around Urdinarrain. The good aspect of beeing a cyclist is, you can do it all over the world.


Futurebike-Jubiläum Verkehrshaus Luzern

Zum 30-Jährigen feiert Futurebike mit einer zweiwöchigen, interaktiven Ausstellung im Verkehrshaus Luzern. Wir stellen als Exponat das schnellste Fahrrad der Welt, unser Rekordfahrzeug Eiviestretto, zur Verfügung.

Ausstellungsdauer 12.-25. Oktober 2015. Mehr Infos auf  


Metastretto is ready

Just back from Germany. For the second time this year, we passed a weekend testing and improving our Speedbike at Dekra. We were able to solve previous problems on the bike. Only in the very last time window I rode Metastretto like a recordbike must be: fast, stable and safe. The bike is ready now. In the meantime, four years passed (2nd of august 2011) and our Hour-record still stands. Never in the HPV-story this mark hold for so long. Thanks to all who contributed to the Record in 2011 and for all who helped building, improving and testing Metastretto!






Hour record - tohuvavohu

Last Sunday Bradley Wiggins rode a new hour record – 54’526m. In fact, the hour record is the most prestigious record in cycling! But why is this mark a record? Tony Rominger did 55’291m in 1994, Chris Boardman 56’375m with Obree’s Superman-Position 1996…

More than 100 years ago the UCI started to ban some bikes for races and for the hour record due to better aerodynamics. "Now" there is a lot of confusion which bike should be used for a legal UCI-record and which mark must be used as reference. It is not easy to define the positon of the rider on a bike. Is Graeme Obree’s superman-position a recumbent bike or an upright? Are discwheels and streamlined helmets fairings or not? Fact is that Aurelien Bonneteau broke Boardman’s record with a recumbent bike. He did 56’696m in 2014. This record is not recognised as unfaired recumbent, he used shoefairings and also his shouldersupports are streamlined. Tohuvavohu at all! What is an upright bike? What is an unfaired recumbent, what a partial faired recumbent? What is a fairing / shell?

The real hour record in our eyes ist he HPV-record. The bike can be totally faired and must be pushed only by human power, without chemical cooling or ice (this is no longer human power). All mechanical and aerodynamics helps are allowed. Only a few restrictions regarding the start and the track are given.

More details about the UCI hour record and the recumbent hour record on wikipedia.

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